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I Hong Kong part 1
2013-11-13 08:46:10

Oh, there were so many dumplings! They just kept coming out - plates and plates and plates. A friend of mine commented on my return to England that whilst I was out there I had 'turned into one of those biffs who instagrams their food'. Yeah, my friends are really tactful when I'm boring them.

Luckily I made new, shiny friends and my old buds can do one.

I would like to say a hello and a massive thank you to Heather, Jeff, OV, Cyrus, Tin Lok and the Lo family for being so kind and fun to hang out with.

So, first up, this is Heather and Jeff. They had a romantic, slightly unconventional elopement last year (Heather ended up eschewing a fancy bespoke dress and if I remember correctly, donned leggings. AMAZING.) Kudos for doing it their way. However, they had no photos of their day and so ladies and gents, I want to present to you a post-wedding shoot.

Don't be fooled though, Heather may have worn a traditional white dress, but this wasn't a normal bride/groom shoot. On entering the location of their choice, we trampled past a sign (which they helpfully translated) - DO NOT ENTER. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. IF YOU DO ENTER, DEATH IS MOST DEFINITELY IMMINENT. Or something along those lines, eek!


Pui : cou-cousin :) It was awesome hanging out with you and your lovely friends. I miss HK! Hopefully I'll get to see you all soon x

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