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A nostalgic engagement shoot
2015-04-20 07:54:40

Do you remember your first job? Mine was at Nescafé Coffee House in the food court at the Bentalls Centre, Kingston (I'm not going to count the rather disastrous short-lived experience as a sales advisor/fake fun pusher at The Disney Store). I was 17, in the middle of my A Levels and learning to keep a straight face when bouncers manhandled my fake ID. It was a brilliant time and although I hated sitting on the no 65 bus on the way home stinking of steamed milk, I loved my job. I probably loved it as much I do this one. All the jobs in between were... fine but that first one? It was ace. I loved serving coffee, I loved working with a bunch of other angst-ridden, highly-strung but oh-so-fun 17 year old girls, I loved and felt pity towards our 22 year old male manager who we ran rings around.

Last year, a message dropped into my inbox that began: Hi Pui, were you part of the original Nescafé gang...

This is Susie and her lovely fiancé Shawnton. Susie was one of those other oh-so-fun 17 year olds. I'm so pleased to be covering her wedding this year.


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