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Third dates and an engagement session in Borough Market
2015-05-26 05:13:25

When I was footloose and fancy free, my third date place would be Borough Market. First date would be drinks. Second date would be drinks. Third dates and its usual level of keenness required some kind of er, dating finesse which would allow me to drink, but would also need to display interests outside of drinking. So, that would be eating then.

It was a perfect third date place, we* would wander around and I would pretend to be all knowledgeable about artisanal food stuffs. Hm, I would murmur seductively, itís so much better eating vegetables in season, donít you think? So much tastier. And then I would elegantly pop a cheese sample in my mouth which had been already cut into itty bitty pieces so I didnít look like the cheese monster that I am.

Anyhoo, if you havenít been, you should go. With or without third date person.

This brings me to Helen and James, who had their engagement session at Borough Market. We decided to go when it was closed. Thereís still enough going on to make it interesting (for photos at least) and there would be less of a need to elbow tourists. The picture of Helen holding up two doughnuts isnít because sheís a doughnut monster by the way, itís because we found a lost phone and then its rightful owner - who gave us doughnuts in return. Score!

*that would be me and various.


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